Tips for Travelling on a Budget, Kirsten Joelle

25 ways to travel cheap

My Personal Favorites:

#4 Exercise – Already my most anticipated activities once we’re in Asia appear to be the free ones, I’m so excited for hiking, sightseeing and hanging out on the beach!

#5 Research – I’ve been going a bit crazy researching already but the closer we get to leaving the more research I want to do, and there’s always more to be done.

#7 Don’t check luggage – We we’re hoping to escape checking our luggage anyway to avoid paying fees or losing our belongings at some point, but now it’s all going to be dependent on the size ¬†and weight of carry on allowed by the various airlines we’ll be taking, we are going to have 3 months of supplies in our bags. (See #5)

#9 Get a Charles Shwab Bank account – Again, going to have to do some research on this one because I think getting access to our hard-earned money is going to be the biggest obstacle we face while overseas!

#24 Sleep at Airports – We’re already planning to stay at a couple airports during some long overnight layovers, we figured with the 3 of us together we can have a good time anywhere!

#25 Wear the Weight – I’m glad Kirsten mentions this idea because I’m not sure that I would have thought of it in the moment, but it’s definitely one to keep in mind if we do end up with overweight bags by the end of our trip!


2 thoughts on “Tips for Travelling on a Budget, Kirsten Joelle”

  1. So glad to hear that you guys have arrived safely in Delhi!! Sounds like the trip was long but the food was great!! Find a nice safe hotel tomorrow and plan the next step of your amazing adventure.
    Lots of love Laurie XOXOXO

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